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    "BusPass & Feet".

    I am currently missing the travel of a bicycle, a motorcycle, and a car.

    It has all been replaced by walking and mass-transit.

    Looking for work to re-finance a mode of transportation beyond what I currently have has me respecting the ease of travelling on the bus.

    No flat-tires or rain in my face...

    Emperor Jedi Sir Christopher Alan Green Esquire/CoCo Chanel,
    Intergalactic Vampire Master Accountant/Hawthorne Boarding School Coptic Nurse,

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    The Site Administrator: Currently at home recovering from a couple of strokes,please contact my assistnt admins for forum issues Tom Stormcrowe's Avatar
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    Welcome to BF, Chris!

    Cycling is emminently superior to the bus though if the weather is nice! Does the Windsor Public Transit have bike racks on the busses?
    on light duty due to illness; please contact my assistants for forum issues. They are Siu Blue Wind, or CbadRider or the other 3 star folk. I am currently at home recovering from a couple of strokes. I am making good progress, happily.

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    "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." - Immanuel Kant

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