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    oldie come newbie
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    Hello to the group!

    I've recently resumed riding after about 8-10 yrs off. I inherited my son's mountain bike, and will rebuild my road bike. It's been a week, and still getting my lungs working again, sigh...........

    I see there is a plethora of bike info on the web. So, I figured it'd be fun to talk with some other folks and get back in the bike frame of mind. I've lost track of the market, and the tech advances. I'm going to keep my road bike as it was, it's not in bad shape. It's a Holdsworth/Shimano600 I got back in 1985. I'll redo the hub, BB and headset bearings and go from there. I figure a good inspection of the tube interiors for rust, and some clear coat for the decals and it will be good to go, as they say. Now, if I can make myself go............

    Anyway, I hope I can contribute something along with learning what's changed in last 10 yrs.


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    Welcome Howard,

    Oh how the world of biking has changed. You sound like me a few years back. My bike was from 88 and has the old Ultra600 group set on it. It's a great bike and still have it. Now I've got into mountain biking as well...great stuff.

    Anyway, there is a lot on this site and I've learned so much here especially maintenance. Enjoy.

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