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    Greetings from the land of 10,000 lakes

    Hello fellow bikers Ė

    Having recently jumped into road biking purely for the sake of road biking, I figured this would be the place to learn a thing or two. In the past, my biking was for the sole purpose of getting in shape for mountain climbing (Colorado 14ers, this year I climbed my 10th). This last season though, I actually enjoyed the riding, and not just looking at it as a means to an end.

    I found myself this fall with a 13 year old Trek 5200 that was slowly self-converting to a single speed. I guess STI shifters donít last forever. I was able to replace it last week with a Bianchi 928. Wow, have bikes changed. The bike is so fast, I am not, I hope to change.

    In the last year I found out that I have severe sleep apnea. In my attempts to control this, I have lost about 30 pounds. I figure I have about 20 left to go. If anyone else has had to deal with this, I would love to hear from you. I have looked into every possible medical treatment available and nothing works. Since insurance denied my request for surgery, Iím hoping the additional weight loss will help.

    Why BisManDan? Well, I grew up in the great state of North Dakota. Someday I hope to move back. In the mean time, Iím working in Minnesota as a Financial Analyst for a large manufacturer.

    Goals for next year would be to ride a century, and do a few local races for fun.

    Thanks everyone. I look forward to our future conversations.

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    Welcome to the 'funhouse' BisManDan and road cycling as well. Wether it's wrenching, riding or, the just plain silliness of Foo I'm sure you'll find a wealth of opinions. Congrats on the weight loss, sorry to hear of your affectation, I've lost about 65# this summer from health problems too. ODAT.


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