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    New from Wilmington, DE!

    Hi All!

    I've been a fairly long time reader of the forums, but this will mark my first post! I've gotten heaps of invaluable information off of the site and appreciate everyone's knowledge!

    A little about myself. I'm 23 and have been seriously biking now for about 3 years. I started mountain biking, then got into trials, then progressed into road biking. During college it was a fun way to hang out with friends on the trail and so forth, however now that I'm out and working I find myself road biking a lot more, along with commuting to the office.

    I have quite a list of bikes because my senior year of college was fairly boring, so I decided to build some! My mountain bike is a Kona Unit single speed that I built up about a year ago after going a couple years riding a cheapo old Mongoose. This Kona handles better than anything I've ridden and weighs in at about 21 pounds (granted I haven't ridden a huge number of bikes!)

    My trials bike was the first bike that I had ever built from scratch. It is a Planet X Zebdi frame, with a whole slew of other components on it (please ignore my foot slipping off the pedal in the pic, I still have a nasty gash from that one, but I saved the camera!!) This bike is a whole lot of fun, but is quite heavy with the maguras and beefy wheels.

    Finally my road bike is a new Cannondale R1000 with full Ultegra components. The way this full aluminum frame responds to me is a dream. When I went looking for a new road bike I was originally looking at a Pinarello. I took a few bikes including the Pinarello and this Canny, out for test rides and I just loved the way this one felt, so I was sold.

    So there you have my current fleet. I am commuting on my Cannondale now, but am planning on getting an IRO Rob Roy this week to make my commuter. I just can't bear to have my Canny out when it's raining or when there is a lot of rock salt on the roads. I also don't ride it to the store for fear that someone will mess with it. Anyone have the Rob Roy and any comments on it? Thanks again for all of your help with everything!

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    I too started with a MTB, but after moving found that the road bike was a lot easier to get out on for a few miles here and there. Welcome to BF's.

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