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Thread: Josh in Plano

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    Josh in Plano

    I'm in Plano, Texas.
    I've been going to school by bike for a little over a year. Quick history. Started out on my Haro BMX. Found a trashed no-name 10- speed that I rode for the better part of the time. Recently I got a mtb fixed gear conversion with panniers that has become my primary bike.

    Somewhere in between there I acquired an old 5-speed Sears free spirit, a woman's centurioun 10-speed that I can't ride and a junked huffy scout which I cobbled together enough to be a 2 speed (front derailer with rear set by it's screw stops).

    More recently I added a wal-mart schwinn that somebody was throwing out, just missing a rear derailer. Then I got a deal on four old rampars that are in fairly bad shape and will become my new project bikes. Hopefully one to replace my first 10 speed (drop bars will be nice) and another to build up as a somewhat more nimble fixie. The other two are mixte frames and I don't have much plans for them.

    My only other equipment is a trailer in the works from steel angle that I'm hoping to get wheels for soon so I can get the spacing right and weld it all together.
    I've got pictures of most of them up on flickr. The rest will get added with time I guess.

    For the most part I use my bikes to get back and forth from college. Otherwise I just like to ride anywhere and am a bit of a trash/junk collector in my spare time. (Part of the reason for wanting a trailer) In the future I'm considering touring / cycle camping.
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    Hi, welcome. Im also in the dfw area=D.

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    Welcome Josh, I am next door in Richardson.
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