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    x-new yorker trying to survive in D.C.

    Good Evening,

    Yes, displaced from my homeland New York City. More specifically 'The Bronx'.
    Moved below the Mason Dixon line to just outside Washington DC
    back in 1990 been lost ever since.
    Had been a pretty darn good track racer at Kissena Velodrome having given
    up being a 'roadie' for five years with Michael Fraysee's NJBC. He closed the
    shop in Ridgefield Park N.J. and I was left to my own destruction.
    I bought a Guerciotti from Sara at Conrads in Tudor City Manhattan
    then bought an Eddy Merckx after
    listening to him pitch its qualities at a bike show.
    It was destroyed when I was trying to shake a wheel sucking bag of dirt at
    Trexlertown. Almost lost an arm as my right arm snapped below the elbow,
    cracked four ribs and popped my hip. Swore I would never ride again.
    Never the less my daughter kept bringing me VeloNews in the hospital showing
    me no one was closing in on my collected points.
    Took a while for me to come around but Eddy built me another,
    just like the first one. ( still have it too).
    I worked as a courier in NYC getting my legs back and have not stopped riding yet.
    Was offered a job in computers as engineering was my major in college,
    then was asked to re-locate to 'Dodge City'.
    The position was pretty high up the ladder so I had to 'sneak off ' to do any racing.
    Got involved with Team Kodak and tried some road racing, but all those
    cables and levers confused me badly. j/k
    Dusted off 'Eddy' and proceeded to shock the locals as I rode everywhere on my
    fixed. Did a few 'AlleyCats' non-sanctioned street racing and even rode
    the 'Human Powered Roller Coaster' in Vancouver and Toronto Canada.
    It was a figure eight over and under 157 meter wooden track that was KICKIN!
    Competed in the North American Championships twice, and the World Championships once.
    Always on a fixed.
    Last year as a spectator at the World Championships I was asked to work support for a pro womens squad in 2006 by their captain whom I have had the worste crush on for years.
    She said I should / could race as well, which of course required a ROAD BIKE .arghhhh......
    Needless to say, it was a nightmare. The manager is/was a bi-polar megalomaniac
    that lied, stole and basically needs to get his clock cleaned by someone.
    I am currently sueing him for non-payment of services rendered.
    Don't get me wrong, the women were okay to deal with and I still love them all dearly
    but that a$$hole really has issues.
    The scary part is the women all think he is a dee eye see kay but he does provide
    them with good equipment so they put up with him.
    Picture just finishing the last part of the Triple Crown in PA.
    the Liberty Classic, and having to climb 'the Wall' way too many times and having this
    jerk yell at you; put one of the girls in tears. No one batted an eye.
    Glad I am done with that.
    Still want to race, gotta race. Got that fever.
    Riding an Airborne Blackbird now,
    totally stealthed out with carbon it is sweet. ( for a road bike)
    You will usually find me out harrassing the locals in MoCo (Montgomery County)
    as long as there is nothing falling out of the sky.
    I was born in 57 but I swear the bike has kept me looking thirty'ish.
    Looking forward to next season as it will be my 2nd year back on a road bike
    and I plan on capturing every MABRA jersey I can.
    Perhaps the Nationals, and even the Worlds.
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    May you find the joy and peace you long for.
    Life is a journey ... NOT a guided tour.
    ....( )/ ( )...

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    Welcome to the BF and be sure to post your racing results in the racing forum.

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