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    Hi from Toronto, a victim of folding bike madness

    Newish to biking as I never learned to ride as a kid, I can now ride but am not the most comfortable on our busy streets and have yet to master the skill of taking one hand off the handlebars for signalling (sigh). One of the most interesting challenges encountered was behind a pair of police horses: avoid large fresh droppings, pass the horses (looked immense, ding my bell & say 'passing on the left') without wiping out on the streetcar tracks.

    I'm currently recovering from a dislocated shoulder and fracture I got from a speed wobble downhill on a paved recreation path. I had never heard of speed wobbles before this happened, I thought my front wheel was coming off the bike. Usually I've ridden easy xc trails or have not gone so fast downhill. This was five months ago, luckily my job ended and I was able to take time off to recover. I'll be starting a new job soon (yay & boo). I've seriously thought about wearing a fullface helmet as I was surprised at how much damage hitting the ground can do (smashed Rx glasses, nice scar under my nose, some cracks in my teeth but structurally ok).

    Just before my accident, I acquired a Raleigh Twenty during a fit of folding bike madness. This little guy was filthy and a bit beat up but I was all excited by the potential of modding it to my own little custom beauty a la Sheldon Brown, Cheg, Little Pixel and V1ctor. This will be a slow process, as much as I'm a gear head (drooling over Chris King headsets), I am inexperienced mechanically (still wrapping my head around bottom brackets and headsets) but don't want to just hand it over to a bike shop and throw money at it (stubborn and stupid as it'll probably cost me more in the long run & Carey Chen, bike mechanic experienced with R20s is in the same town). I'll keep lurking around used bike parts and the Folding Bike forum and build my parts list; trying not to 'rescue' any more folding bikes from Craigslist.

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    Welcome to BF!
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