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Thread: hey there

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    hey there

    Hi to all of you out there. I am just now getting back in the saddle after way to long a hiatus( apox 10 years.). Since things have changed for the better I thought that talking with others out there was a good idea. After all if one is going to plunk down a chunk of change on a velocopede, it's smart to do some homework first.

    I am headed for the Eugene Oregon area soon. Didn't care for the winters in Reno. Rain I can deal with. I also saw that Eugene was very rider friendly. I think that is important.

    I am looking into recumbent trikes. I am finding that as I research things it seems everone has an opinion, and they often diverge as to which way to go. This is adding to the fun. Ha Ha.

    Other than that I like to swim (I perfer the warmer tempratures ie. Hawaii.) and fish and of course ride. I guess I just stepped off into whatever is out there. Looking forward to talking to you all.


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    I ride a tadpole trike. It's just this side of heaven. You're right everyone certainly does have a different opinion about trikes. But the only good ones are from people that ride them!
    Welcome, enjoy the site!
    "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."
    -- Albert Einstein

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