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    Hello from Oregon

    Well lets see where to start. I have been riding all my life starting with BMX as a kid riding everywhere all the time anytime. My brother and I were never without our bikes. Took a break through high school and then at 19 got into bikes again with a Diamondback don't even remember what model its been so long ago. That poor bike took a beating literally since I was hit on it twice the second time bending the frame. After that my family requested I stay off bikes for awhile which I did, but soon they were calling me again. The next bike I picked up was a Trek 8700 composite in 1991 and it cost me $1100 everyone I knew thought I was out of my mind since i didn't come with a motor. I road that everyday to work for 2.5 years through rain, snow, and sun. At that time I did some cyclecross and met some guys that wanted me to race road as well. So I picked up an R800 Cannondale and dabbled in that a bit. Road racing really wasn't my thing so I sold that bike back to a buddy (dumb move loved that bike) but kept up with some mountian bike racing and the occassional cyclecross race. Since then I have been on and off of riding but am looking to get back into it big this year. Currently I have a Gary Fischer mtb unknown frame, Trek 8700 (still love that bike), Cannondale Jekyl, Specialized Allez Comp (older composite frame), and just hours ago order a Motobecane Sprint that looked like to good of a deal to pass up. I will be selling a couple off (boss says I have to) but will keep my core group of bikes that I have loved for years now.

    Well that about covers it except for hoping to find time to ride with the group in Salem or Portland soon and meeting anyone on here that may ride with either group. Be safe out there hope to see you on the road or trail soon.

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