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    Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico

    . I took up bike riding about 3 years ago after I suffered a hip injury. I was unable to continue jogging or playing tennis. I have discovered that I enjoy bike riding better than the other two.

    It has helped my medical situation as cycling does not impact on the joints like other sports do. I would be interested in hearing from other riders who have experienced similar benefits.

    I have also discovered that Albuquerque has very good bicycle trails. You can ride nearly anywhere in the city on a bike trail or bike lane. In the three years I have been riding, the city has opened new trails or repaved old ones.

    I haven't done any long rides yet. My best so far is 65 miles. I just enjoy a leasurely ride most of the time. usually for exercise and to get out of the house.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    65 miles isn't a long ride??? You gotta be kidding!

    Welcome to the forum... wow, New Mexico. My sister went to college there before she went to Arizona. She loved that place.

    As far as your medical situation, you may want to post your story in the General Discussion or the Training and Nutrition section and see if people have similar stories. You'll probably get more responses there.

    Good to see you posting.


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