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    Bonjour! from Montréal, Québec! :thumbup:

    As you can see, I'm a french boy from Montréal, Canada. My english is near perfect, you won't have any trouble understanding.

    I have been cycling for 7 years now. First for fitness, then for sport, then for racing! So I began road racing but was not very good at it, except for one thing : line sprinting (not 1st position, though!) 2 years later, I met a store owner who was a track biker and convinced me of trying. WOW! I soon discovered my physical quality for sprint and power, more than endurance.

    So now, I'm training solely for sprint and kilo, with good improvement all along. it's been 2 years doing this now

    Needless to say my endurance is not trained to a high level anymore but my strenght is!

    Track racing is begining to devellop around here and talent are beginning to emerge.

    See you on the track!

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    Welcome to Bike Forums Track lover.We have a great bunch of guys and gals here.I would like to here some of those track racing story's.
    Sick BubbleGum

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