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    Hi, Im from New Jersey

    Hi, my name is Roman and I'm from New Jersey. I have been riding BMX for the past 2 years and it has been fun. Now I am stuck between a decision of selling my old DK SOB and getting another bmx bike or getting a Specialized P3. My brother said get the mountain bike because you wont end up spending money on it like you did with your bmx bike, start saving up for a car instead. A car will get you farther than your bike. I understand where he is coming from since I have probably spent over 1500 dollars on all of the bmx stuff that I have. I need your help. Also put this into consideration that all of my friends ride bmx, and if I were to get a mountain bike, I wouldnt be able to hang out with them like I used to.

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    I'm also originally from New Joisey. Montclair. How the %$#@$%&%$# are ya!
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