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Thread: Hey from NC

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    Hey from NC

    My resume"

    - MI native - a yooper, none the less. Lived in Worcester MA for 14 years. Moved to Monroe NC, just outside Charlotte, 12 yrs ago.
    - 49 y/o, married with big kids (HS soph and college frosh).
    - Long time roadie. I got into cycling in college. Started out touring. Trips to France and England with my wife in the early 80's.
    - Did some Cat 4/5 racing in my 30's.
    - Started mountain biking in the early 90's. Now I do about 1/2 road and 1/2 MTB.
    - Have done lots of family tandeming. My kids still ride. My wife mostly knits, but will do the occasional mountain bike ride.
    - The last 3 years have been extremely low mileage cycling years. Typical lame excuses: free time was getting sucked up by rock climbing, kids in high school, and a renewed interest in playing in local rock/blues bands. But 2007 has been a great cycling year (so far...)!

    Gear - I guess I'm somewhat retro:
    - My main road bike is a Tom Kellogg that was built in the mid 80's. There are still some original Campy parts on it.
    - My current project is converting my old Cromor Miele to a fixie. Love that minty green! At least the neon pink decals have faded to nearly white.
    - Main MTB is a 1999 Cannondale Super-V 2000sl. I guess that's ALMOST passes for retro these days. And I do love the full suspension in the woods.
    - Most recent completed project was converting my old rigid Stumpjumper (1992?) to a single speed. I was quickly reminded why I stopped riding a rigid mountain bike. My local trails cam be real root 'n' rock fests - and I mean that in a good way! I found an Alsop suspension stem for it, and that's just enough to take the sting off.
    - I had two nice, old, fillet-brazed steel tandems for a while. But I wasn't using them (kids got too big), so I sold them to some deserving friends. I'm now sadly tandem-free.

    Current interests:
    - Old British lightweights. I want to get something even more retro that the bikes I ride every day. Mmmmm - fancy lugs. And, for some reason, I find the history really interesting.
    - With a family of 4, each owning at least two bikes, DIY maintenance is always an issue!
    - I may do some low key, local MTB racing. My daughter is interested in this, and I thought it might make a cool dad/daughter thing to get into. Charlotte had a great Wednesday night race series.
    - I'd like to start commuting again.

    Bob in NC
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    Oh, another convert to the C & V cause!

    Great introduction Bob, we'll be looking for you in the Classic & Vintage forum.

    Welcome to BF!

    East Hill

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