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    I is da new guy on the forum. I'm 60 years old, started riding when I was a kid, grew up and stopped riding. Over the years, my weight ballooned to 308lbs: I got diagnosed with diabetes II, hypertension, and depression. In 1991 I took control of the situation, put myself on a diet, and started doing research to help me get better. I was lifting very heavy weights- 800lb standing calf raises, 1650lb seated leg presses (60 degree machine), 350 lb bench presses, etc., and started losing body weight. I quit lifting but kept a pretty good eye on me, and now in 2007, I weigh 190lbs; no miracle pills, diets, or prescriptions, just persistance into what works for me. I'm ready to get back into riding as I feel it's the best thing for me for longevity. I taught auto mechanics for 22 years (ASE certified), got forcibly retired, got my credit destroyed by a drug addicted son, and am picking up the pieces. I got an online ordination in the Universal Life Church and am trying to start a small pagan church that worships Mother Earth by working with technology and recycling. I want to build my own bike, starting with restoring an old Sears Free Spirit 10 speed. I want to end up with a tadpole recumbent trike, differentiated all wheel drive, lean steer, Pantour suspension, disc brakes, and aerodynamic shell. Will it work; can I do it; don't bet against me. If I may quote the late James Doohan (in the character of Scotty from Star Trek), "I've spent my whole life figuring out strange or different ways of doing things." I'm the smartest person you'll ever meet in your life; what makes me so smart? I REALIZE HOW TRULY STUPID I AM! Then I try to do something positive about it- reading, study, experimenting, talking to people, looking at other technology and how I can apply it to what I'm working on, etc.; if I can't dazzle you with bull****, I'll baffle you with brilliance! Don't let the way I come on put you off or down. I'm not a bad guy or a raving egotist. I don't say much, only what is necessary. I've spent my whole life thinking, listening, and communicating. I usually come up with the right and sometimes "trick" solution. We're all going to age; my mind is MY temple- when it gets old, then will be my time to go into the ground. Give me a try; I won't let you down.

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    Hello drdirt, that's a great introduction! I suspect you will do just fine here . You sound like an Alt Bikes kinda guy, too. The Framebuilders forum sounds like a good spot for you as well.

    Don't be shy, I want to see some more posts from you.

    Welcome to BF!

    East Hill

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