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    Howdy from Boulder

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm a soon-to-be a road bike owner in Boulder, Colorado.

    After a couple of years of doing nothing, my weight soared up to 255 pounds. I decided it was time to work it off. I have spent 2 years riding my Trek 930 MTB on roads and trails and got my weight down to 185 (woohoo!). I've still got about 20 to go.

    I decided after talking to friends and watching the Tour de France this season to put away my trusty Trek and by a real roadbike.
    I'm sure I'll have lots of questions to make you guys roll your eyes and shake your head.

    I spent about 3 hours last night reading post on this forum. It has already inspired me! I'm currently riding about 20 to 30 miles every other day but want to work myself up to some long ones!

    Thanks in advance for your patience. I'm lookin' forward to readin', learnin' and ridin!

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    Howdy from Parker, CO.

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