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    New Roadie in the Raleigh/Durham NC area

    Hey guys,

    I am a newbie roadie, spent some time in the mountbike scene a long time ago and have always been interested in roadbikes but never took the plunge. I am a prior Marine who got medically discharged for a shattered knee. I still have my mountain bike but dont have the guts to ride seriously anymore for fear of crashing while clipped in and re injuring my knee so I have a rgeat 5 inch travel full suspension bike to ride the block with my kids on . After watching fellow workers buy roadbikes for the last 3 years I finally took the plunge and grabbed a used 2001 Lemond Zurich off of road bike review last week. Spent a few days tuning the thing up, replacing all the cables, getting it adjusted to my size (I think) I finally started riding last sunday. Went 10 miles my first ride and thought I was gonna die!! They sure make it look easy on OLN and the Tour!!! Anyhow, I have started to create a training schedule to help build my endurance and technique and will hopefully not be too discouraged since I have such high expectations of myself..LOL

    Anyhow...enough of a rant! Hello and thanks to all the guys who keep the forum running looks like a wealth of info!
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    Welcome from a NC neighbor! I am Hickory, about 3 hours from Raliegh. I think that there are several local riding clubs near where you live and NC offers lots of charity/group rides. We live in a great state for cycling! Liz
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