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    late introduction

    hey there... I gotta say this is the most imformative site on cycling and bikes Ive ever been truly is the best in show! So, thanks!
    Ok, so what about me...Im so completely NEW to road biking...hell, i just learned how to ride a nike a couple years ago when I moved to the east bay. Ive never owned a bike before, so I never learned... its not the kind of thing thats crucial when your growing up in the coney island projects(brooklyn,ny).
    So I got here and learned, and now own an entry level Bianchi Brava road bike. I bought it new just 3 months ago, it still has most of its stock parts, but very very slowly (so much research to do, being a newbie!) Im switching out parts to better fit me and how I ride. Im sold on road biking, this bike is pretty much attached to my hip... I dont know how to drive (hee, another NY thing) so it pretty much takes me everywhere. I didnt know a damn thing about road biking until I started researching and looking for a bike to buy... but i still had no actual experience riding one. Its trial and error from here on out, Im learning as I go, and asking as many dumb questions as possible here. thanks a bunch!
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    Hiya and welcome to cycling, and the forums
    No matter how fast I'm going, I'm in no hurry.
    there are no bicycles in the valley, the only bicycle you find in the valley is the bicycle you ride down there.
    Ride in the front, this space is available to anyone that wishes to take it-jjmolyet

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