Pulled my mtb out of the closet after 5 yrs of sitting there taking up space.Started doing 10 miles every other day after 4 rides with the mtb I said I needed a road bike. A friends buddy had a Cannondale for sale for only $200 so now I have my first road bike. I am not sure what model Cannondale it is because all the stickers are removed. My buddy removed the Shimano 600 brake levers/shifters and rear derailleur and gave a extra Ultegra setup he had. He also gave me a Flight deck wireless setup I just need the head unit, so I am all set to go. Went out for my first ride yesterday and did 17 miles(Point Loma to Santee for the SD guys here)got a ride back that last hill did me in.

Cannondale frame and fork (polished alum frame if anyone knows what model and year it is)
mixed group of shimano 600,105 and ultegra
Matrix wheels(next buy is open pros or cxp33's)

Point Loma San Diego
dob 1/4/66