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Thread: Greetings

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    Hello to all. Like owmynads, I am from Rhode Island, which yes, you CAN pretty much TT across it. I am actually nads' riding partner and co-worker referred to in his intro. So do not be alarmed at my little reply to his ribbing of me. It's all Python humor. Because of my fondness for cycling gadgets, he dubbed me "Inspector Gadget" this year. Unfortunately, it seems someone already owns this username, much to my disappointment.
    Seriously, I have been biking since 93 when I bought my first MTB. I purchased my first (and only real, so far) road bike in 98 and have ignored my poor MTB ever since. I have become a dedicated roadie. Thanks to training with owmynads this season, I have had my first sustained 17, 18, 19 and almost 20 mph rides. We constantly push each other. Cycling is certainly the best sport I can think of. We are considering a few races next year and perhaps a few mini-triathalons.
    Again, greetings to all. I look forward to great discussions and picking of the brains.

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    Welcome! I laughed at your reply in t'other thread once I saw the Python reference; for a brief second I thought Joe and the Mod Squad had let a trouble-maker slip through the barricade.

    I for one don't think we can have too many gadgeteers as members. I'm mechanically challenged and so I'll never run out of stuff to learn.

    Glad you're here. Enjoy!

    "Ignorance begets confidence more frequently than does knowledge." -Charles Darwin

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