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    Another new guy.

    New guy living in Texas, just a hair north of Houston. Got my MTN bike out after 3 years of sitting in hibernation after college. Took a few rides on the roads and discovered that I really enjoyed myself. Probably more than on dirt. Bought a helmet and some skinny slicks and I'm a riding fool. Found that I really wasn't shifting at all though and when I did it always seemed counter productive. So off came the shifters and the front derailer. Parts for the SS conversion should be here the end of the week. My wife thinks I'm a little off but my bike makes me smile now more than it ever did before.
    Did my longest ride today, 20.1 miles with an average of 16.1 mph. The roadies that passed me did so quite handily but at least they smiled and said hi. Maybe I'll get faster, if not at lest I'm having fun.
    Great forums, thanks for providing them.

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    Cool- welcome to the forums. You'll find a contingency of folks from Houston and the Houston area. Congrats on your long ride today, and glad to see you here!


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