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    Hey from rainy Oregon

    What is up all? Im a 16 year old named Matt. I enjoy piecing apart bikes and building my own out of the parts. I currently am riding, and believe me that its not nearly as bad as it sounds, a Mongoose Hoop D frame with Huffy Diesel forks, Huffy handlebars with hacked off ends(and believe me, no matter what other people say, it makes your turns so much sharper but it does take some getting used to), X-games 3-piece crank that weighs like 50 lbs(and by 50 lbs i actually mean 5-8 lbs) so its not the lightest crank in the world but its indestructible and I like it, lets see, oh X-games generation 3 rims which are pretty durable and any other info you want on my bike just ask. Oh and the frame is not one of the new really crappy Hoop D frames, its one of the older frames that looks EXACTLY like a royce union frame and its a good frame. Im also addicted to paintballing as one of my large hobbies(besides biking). Id like to learn to be a trick rider but need to get over my fear of falling. So anything else anyone wants to know about me just ask.

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    Hey Matt,

    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like quite a bike you've put together.


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    Hey Matt

    welcome to the forums, I remember when I was younger I would try to build and repair my bmx bike, but I never got very far

    anyhow getting over your fear of falling will not take too much effort, you just gotta remember everyone falls at one time or another (even the pros) it's the getting back up and riding that makes you skilled
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