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    Sort of a newbie.

    I live in Clemmons, NC. I drive a 2001 Lemond Poprad, 105/Ultegra mix. I've done a lot to get the weight down on this bike. I thinks it's right about 18.5-19 lbs. Cyclocross rulz!!!

    Anyone else who also kayaks, I'd like to hear from you. My wife and I had never kayaked before a recent trip to Vegas where we did a kayaking tour down the Colorado river below the Hoover damn. Now, I'm about to spring for 2 Pygmy Boats Artic Tern 14 kits. Should keep me busy most of the Winter I guess.

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    Welcome Glenn!

    I don't kayak, but I am interested in reading more about your Pygmy boats when they're in the building stages.... complete with pics of the process!

    Good to see you here!


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