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    Just found this site recently.

    Like a lot of people, i used to ride everywhere as a kid, and stopped when i got my driver's license. Thus began my love-hate relationship with the automobile. I rode a motorcycle too, for three years(it was a 31st birthday gift to myself),but I didn't like the whole "go out and just ride" thing, I wanted to go places. Sadly, the place I go most is to work, which, at rush hour wasn't all that much more bearable on a motorcycle than in a car. I sold the motorcycle and went back to the car 100% of the time. Yet, I knew in my heart that two-wheels were better than four (kind of like in Animal Farm). This year, I decided to make a lot of changes in my life, one of which was to commute by bicycle - for the environment, for my health, to reduce traffic congestion, to save money etc.

    As a present to myself i bought a 1970 Schwinn Continental that had been converted to a single-speed. After a month or so of what i called "training rides", I started bike commuting in May. I try to commute 4 days a week by bike (i need the car for one day since i have to get from one place to another in 15 minutes, and i can't make it in that time by bike) - it's about 10 miles each way. I also use it to run errands and to go to shows/bars/whatever. I can't imagine having more fun than i do when i'm riding my bike. I actually look forward to going to work, just so I can ride there and back.

    I consider myself a transportational cyclist - I ride to get somewhere (and to have a blast doing it). That said, I'd like to try to do a century next year and i suspect there will be a lot more "training rides" in my future. I also think I'd like to get involved in racing of some kind- maybe bmx (i did it when i was 23...i sucked, but i had fun)- something fun and not too serious.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to my first winter on a bike since I was 14 and delivered newspapers in the snow and slush.

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    Hello teaforsydney, that is wonderful that you decided to do the commute by bicycle .

    Let's see some photos of that Schwinn Continental, eh? Do you like the vintage bikes, or was it simply cheap transportation? 'Cuz, if you like the classic & vintage stuff, we'd love to have you come and hang out with us over at C & V...

    Welcome to BF!

    East Hill

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