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    Back in the saddle again!

    HEY ALL,

    Just wanted to say Hey and thanks for all the great reading the past month or so!

    I'm a 40 something and lost touch with cycling when my sons were born. Now they are getting old enough to ride along I am back in the saddle again!

    Got a new Trek 7500 beginning of July and have 1000 miles on it already. Never realized how much I missed riding till I picked that baby up and got back on the trails.

    Since I started riding again I took my favorite steed a 86/87? Trek Sirrus 520 down, pumped up the tires and was amazed at the ride it still has in it! Actually shocked after putting so many miles on my hybrid lately. The 520 has more than 10,000 happy happy miles on it and still rides like new. Replaced a freyed brake cable and had to install clipless peddles. Amazing how much I liked those toe clips till I tried the cleats on my new bike! Also shocked to find that a couple new batteries in my old Cateye Solar brought it right back to life, I could be a testimonial for them! Kids won't let me ride the old bike cause they can't keep up, it's amazing how much faster it is than my hybrid, but they LOVE hitting the trails so I make the "sacrifice", and save it for my solo road rides. Getting the kids out of "mom's" hair for our rides, has an amazing effect on the "wife acceptance factor".

    Recently outfitted us with lights and was thrilled to find the boys as enthralled as me about riding at night. Especially since we are getting to the time of year when daylight doesn't last long!

    Anyway's enough rambling for now, off to do some more reading, just wanted to say thanks again!

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Sounds like you have shed new light on a old pastime

    it's always nice to see someone rediscover the sport of cycling, and as far as I have seen it is always a good thing to be riding again

    p.s. you might want to check out the road cycling forum, it has great info for a roadie
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