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Thread: Just say'in hi

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    Just say'in hi

    Hi, my name is Terry, I'm a Respiratory Therapist living in Springfield, Mo. I started riding seriously in the 60s (oh wow man, the colors man, the colors....yeah those 60s)when a friend took me down to Mr. Morton's bike shop and I found out that there was more to bikes than Schwinn Corvettes and Western Auto "English racers". I bought a used LaJuene and tried a couple of times to catch Mr. Morton's latest high school hotshot, John Howard; but mostly I just rode everywhere.
    I kind of drifted away from bikes in the 80s, school, work, more school, etc.
    Four or five years ago I bought a used mountain bike just to get around town, next thing I was at the bottom of Palo Dura canyon trying to cross a sandy wash and make it up a steep climb. I was hooked again.
    I bought a used Trek touring bike, then a used Cannondale road bike and finnally gave in and bought a new Bianchi Axis cross bike that I love. I just finnished my first century, can't wait for the next.
    I'll have a bunch of newbie questions, when I quit riding bar-cons were high tech and I still kind of prefer them. This has dragged on a bit longer than I had planned so I'll just say bye for now. Glad to be here.
    "I regret nothing so much as my good behavior; what demon posessed me that I behaved so well" HDT

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    Hi Brushlip!!!!!!!

    I remember those colors from the 60's ...... they seem to change depending upon the "mood" you were in.

    Hope you enjoy the Forum!


    My Rides:
    '10 Trek Madone 6.5
    '06 Giant OCR2 Composite
    '04 Giant OCR2
    '87 Raleigh Technium 450

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