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    cheers from Thunder Bay, Ontario

    hello to all from Thunder Bay.

    I'm theDuel, a nick I chose after reading Giacomo Casanova's amazing autobiographical novel of the same name.

    Anyway, I'm originally from the Toronto area. I'm a four-season cyclist (commuting and pleasure-riding) and have been for years, but I lack knowledge in terms of maintenance and mechanical skills. No problem changing a tube or brake cable, but not so sure about the nitty gritty of bike building and so forth.

    I'm planning to dive right in though, and I'm hoping that this forum, as well as a copy of Zinn And The Art of Road Bike Maintenance will help things along.

    I have two bikes:

    #1: A beautiful Bianchi racing bike that I bought in Italy a few years ago while studying there. One problem though... A while back the part which attaches the rear derailer to the frame broke, and I haven't been able to find a replacement. So recently I've started hand-machining my own replacement part from a piece of metal that was handy. Didn't work so well because the part I made was less of a drop-bar than a backwards-bar, so back to the drawing board. Not too big a deal, and low-priority because the winter's pretty much here which means that the Bianchi will probably be spending the next few months indoors.

    mia bella bicicletta:

    the kind-of drop-bar. next version will be less horizontal. (yes, I'm aware that the casette has been sorely neglected and is all nasty and rusted. I'm here to learn the better ways):

    This is the love of my cycling life. An old old old road bike that I bought used in Toronto for $125 about 3 years ago. I use this bike for my daily commute, and it doesn't do too badly on the trails around here either! Who needs big tires and shocks anyway?!?!

    It's certainly heavier than the Bianchi, but it really is a tough old tank and it's old/ugly enough (in the eyes of a theif; to me it's the most beautiful thing) that no-one seems to want to steal it even though I've had a bad habit of leaving it unlocked in various places. I don't even know the make. This is the bike which needs bottom-bracket and chainring repair. Problem is that the axle is too short, and the chainring, being slightly bent, rubs against the frame. I have one of those all-in-one bottom brackets on order from a local shop, as well as the older 5-bolt chainring, and this is what will be my first "real" bike repair job. I just hope that the chainring holds out until the part comes in because it's starting to make a lot of noise.

    my fantastic work-horse:

    the offending chainring:

    So, that's all I guess. I've had a great time reading through the forums so far... happy to be here!

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    Hello TheDuel, I have faith that you will get all those mechanical problems sorted out soon. Your Bianchi looks as if it needs a derailleur hanger. The Bianchi is a beautiful bike, just needs the grunge cleaning off . Your workhorse is holding up quite well, just remember to keep some lube on the chain.

    Welcome to BF!

    East Hill

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