Just a note to introduce myself -

My name is Doug Foote, I live in rural Oregon (Newberg), ride a Trice Micro (for those not in the "know" a Trice Micro is a recumbent tricycle - tadpole design, pretty low to the ground and uses 355 rims, yes, small). I ride anywhere from 100 to 200 miles per week, averaging about 6000 miles per year.

I have reached 50mph down hill and average 19mph on most rides - just don't talk to me about hills

I enjoy distance events, my favorite being the Seattle to Portland Bicycle classic (a 200 mile one or two day ride - I do the one day 200 miler). This year I also rode the Vine Ride that is held in Newberg Oregon (I did the 100 mile route)

This is my second year with the Micro and have enjoyed every mile with it.