Hello everyone,

Just wanted to jump in here and say hi to everyone. I've only been back into biking for a couple years now, but I'm loving every minute of it! I grew up in northern Minnesota where the biking season is a bit shorter than it is here, but I still probably managed to ride about 10,000 miles a summer with my friends where I lived! We started out on banana bikes and eventually moved on to 10 speeds! I sure wish we'da had mountain bikes back then, as we lived along dirt roads where our 10 speeds often struggled mightily!

Anyway, I grew up on Huffies and Columbias as a kid so I had little interest in riding until a couple years ago when my wife got me on a Trek! I couldn't believe a bike could be that great to ride!

I currently own an 03 Trek Cruiser Classic, an 03 Gary Fisher Zebrano (my wife has matching bike) hybrid, an 03 Trek 2200 road bike, and I'm buying a closeout 03 Trek Fuel 80 as well! My wife is planning to buy a Gary Fisher mountain bike when the 04's hit the LBS soon, and an as-yet undecided road bike in the spring!

We are planning to ride mountain bikes for as much of the winter as we can. I have misgivings about riding on snow however, as I have vivid memories of wiping out in a puddle that had ice concealed in its bottom as a kid in MN! BRRRRR!! In the spring we plan to ride road most of the time when we don't have the kids around. We ride our hybrids with them or the Cruiser...

We also have a garage full of garage sale bikes, such as a beautiful 20 year old Schwinn Caliente women's road bike that we found for $5! I also have an old singlespeed Ross Europa that I got for free and put air in the tires!

My boys also have a Trek Jet and a Gary Fisher Gamma Ray!