Howdy all,

I'm coming to you from Albuquerque NM, just arrived here a couple of months ago. I came to the southwest to train for a tour across America planned for May 04 or maybe sooner.

Just found this forum which I hope will connect me with other cyclist that plan on doing the same thing but the going the opposite way so we could meet somewhere in the middle.

That would be fun to connect on a forum and party in the middle of the US somewhere and share our war stories from the trip. I'm planning do this trip solo but I've read in other websites where people meet on the road for a while then go on their separate ways. Having done a short tour 14 years ago I often thought that it would be nice to have some company for a bit rather than being all by yourself out in the boonies for long stretches at a time.

I went from Huntington Beach California to Seattle Washinton and it was the best vacation and by far the best trip that I ever took in my life. That was the trip that open my mind to the possibility of going across the US. I mean going 3 states is one thing but across 10-12 states would be a totally different animal.
That one tour got me hooked and its been a long time but now I can see it all coming together.

If you have never toured then I would highly suggest that you start small and work your way up to a longer tour. I jumped in feet first and I remember laughing at myself asking "what the heck did you get yourself into?" for the first 500 miles. But it's well worth it and you'll have a world of fun I assure you.

Ubiquitous cycling will get you there safe and sound.....ride_on!!