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    My first "real bike" is a mystery machine

    I just bought my first real bike. Ok, the first real bike I've paid for. My first ever bike was a Diamondback Viper BMX bike, which I got when I was 6 years old back in 1985. I still have that Diamondback to this day.

    Beyond that, it was all Huffys and Kmart specials. Those have all since gone to the dump.

    This bike I just bought is my first road bike in specific. It's been a long time since I've ridden. I guess since getting my first car at 16 I basically stopped riding bikes, though I do ride motorcycles a lot.

    Well I've got a lot of friends who for some reason are obsessed with bikes so I bought one. I'm 29 years old, so that tells you how long it's been since I rode my last bike seriously, and that was a Huffy, which needless to say sucked ass.

    I found it on craigslist, and it's actually gotten a lot of airplay on here already, because it was another forum member's bike. He turned up on here asking questions about the ultimate garbage dumpster find, and promptly disappeared from here forever after being on here about three days.

    I bought the bike from him knowing nothing about it or bikes at all really, and still don't know what it is. Only after googling the serial number did I find this place, and his posts.

    The last I heard, most people thought it was British, but it has so many SunTour, Campagnolo, Dia Compe, and Specialites parts on it that it's a big mishmash. I bought it for $80.

    It rides well, is only 23.5 pounds (a lot by the standards on here it seems), and everything works.

    So yeah, it looks like I'm gonna start riding as my cross training for a marathon I'm running next January. I'm also considering commuting on it. Pics forthcoming, if you can't find them on here first. Search hint: "Garbage Campy".
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    Yes, you still have a mystery on your hands! However, now that it appears there is an owner again, we'll see if we can't get a more accurate description for you. At any rate, you got a bargain for $80.

    Better photos would be nice....

    Welcome to BF!

    East Hill


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