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    Maryland Intro: Eastern Shore

    I just started riding to 1/2 way to work. So, I decided to say hello.

    I woke up at 5am, so I could ride 18miles to work. This is the second day that I rode in to work. My goal is to ride two days a week for extra exercise. I just like riding my bike. But, I am only averaging between 13.9MPH and 15.9MPH which makes the bike part of commute about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

    In total, I am only riding 36 miles two days a week. So, I will only get about 72 Miles of bike riding in a week. My bicycle commute takes me from Centerville,MD to Chestertown,MD and back in the evening. I ride on the shoulder of a road posted for 55MPH. I have a rear mirror and lights. I also wear a helmet since the nurses at shock trauma yelled at me last time I got ran over. I wear a heart monitor. My heart rate is in the zone (AGE 39) the whole ride with a beat ranging from 148-155BPM. However, I only average about 70 RPM with my cadence. My goal is to get my cadence up to 80-90RPM.

    My notable bike accidents:
    Ran over a dog that ran in front of me. Tokyo Japan 1991.
    Ran into refrigerator truck, while drafting, Tokyo Japan 1992.
    Ran into the pointy end of a car door and cracked my sternum, Kanazawa, Japan 1994.
    Got T boned at an intersection by an SUV while not wearing a helmet, who said he was going 40MPH, Annapolis Maryland 2000 (walked away from Shock Trauma)

    More about me:
    Resting heart rate: 42 BPM
    Age: 39
    Home: Stevensville, MD
    Height: 6' 4.5"
    Weight: 202lbs
    BMI: 24.5
    Bike: Kona Jake the Snake (Cross bike) with road tires
    Work out schedule: Monday bike (36 miles)
    Tuesday Swim (1 mile)
    Wednesday bike (36 miles)
    Thursday Run (2 miles) Weight lift 15mins
    Friday Swim (1 mile)
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    Hi ipm, you are certainly taking good care of yourself (well, except for those accidents )! I can't think of anything you are doing wrong, either...Check out the commuting forum, and see if anyone has any good tips/suggestions.

    By the way, technically at your height you are known as a Clydesdale (anyone over 6'0"), so you could stop in and say hi there as well!

    Welcome to BF!

    East Hill


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