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    Humboldt County CA Rider checking in

    Howdy all!

    I figured the first post to a new group should be here on the intro threads.

    Anyways- I'm in Northern California, and have been riding pretty much since the late 70s if you include my no training wheels or helmet, yet I still survived- days. First got on multi gear bikes mid 80's and been riding the roads ever since.

    I've ridden the Tour of the Unknown Coast several times- 50K and 100 mile rides. I'm hoping to get some multi day camping road trips in this summer. I will probably do the TUC route in later summer as a 2 day camping trip with my GF.

    I've dipped into downhill MTBs but all the flipping over the bars into blackberries was a little too much for me to look forward to the next ride. I do enjoy trail riding and am looking into cyclocross stuff.

    I live in the Eureka, Arcata, Mckinleyville, Trinidad area and aside from one lousy bridge on the highway 101 (mad river bridge north and south), everything is pretty smooth.

    My main interest is road cycling and commuting, and I've done the 40 mile a day commutes back in Junior College. Commuting 20 miles a day isnt a real big deal for me.

    I took this past winter off to concentrate on driving my SUV for everything, but that doesnt seem to be workign out for me

    I'm planning on picking up a 2008 KONA JAKE in the next week or two to commute with. (Got to put the $600 economic stimulus check to use in a thoughtful manner, right?) . I also have a bunch of mountain bike and hybride styles, as well as my 90's Bridgestone RBT. I need new wheels for that Bridgestone, and I'm thinking about Mavic Aksiums- I love Mavic Rims.

    One other interest- I'm really big into Bikehouses- you know the livable trailers people pull behind bikes like an RV. They are getting to be more popular, and I'm hoping to meet some people on this forum that are interested in these things as well. I've got a bunch of photos, and plans to build my own, for some wierd reason.

    Bikes belong in the house.

    We need more people riding in the world. There is something wrong with a system where people drive 7 miles to get to their gym and work out for 35 minutes and then drive home after work

    I'm Ham radio operator KF6AAI and I love being bicycle mobile whenever possible.

    Looks like a good group here, and I'm hoping to learn and share as much as possible.



    A bicycle is freedom

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    Hi Dean, you are not alone in Humboldt County--member Flying Anchor also lives there. I don't know if he's a ham operator, though. I was in your neck of the woods around a month ago, returning from riding the Cinderella Classic.

    Take a look in the Utility Cycling for bikehouses.

    Welcome to BF, and feel free to PM me with any questions !

    East Hill


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