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Thread: Hello from PA

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    Hello from PA

    Figured it was time to intro myself. I've been riding since around 90 on an 1990 Trek 930. I used to ride around to get to friends houses, or to just get out of the house, until I noticed a guy training in my area. I figured out his route, and after my stepdad passed away, I stated using his 78ish Trek Tx900 and trying to keep up with the guy. Soon, he slowed down, and got to talking a bit. I continued to train, and road in a few WEEU Cycle Series events in Reading, PA, the Pottsville City Cycle 17, and a few local mt. bike events as well. After my first year in the cycle series, I jumped up to a 1991 Trek 2100. I spent a year on the Bike Den team out of Kutztown, but with getting into Jr. High and Sr. High sports, and eventually getting a car, training took a back seat to other things.

    In '98 I got back on more seriously as HS was ending, and did my first charity ride with some friends. Since then, I have tried to stay serious with riding. I have done 2 MS PA Dutch, and on my 6th City to Shore, with a few other events in as well.

    As far as bikes go...
    2004 Cannondarle R600 Triple, in a Tri set up - Profile Airwing with Airstryke, Aqua Rack, Look pedals, Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheels, Vredstein Fortezza TriComp tires and Selle San Marco Aspide saddle. I kept the STI's, and have them mounted at the ends of the Airwing. Love the set up!

    2006 Trek 4300 Disc - Manitou Minute 3 shock, a new saddle, old shimano SPD's, and some new rims and tires. Don't remember what the rims were, but I busted a spoke and needed something right away. This one doesn't get ridden much anymore, but still like hitting the trails every now and then.

    1990 Trek 930 - Retired for now, but want to convert to a single speed. Completely rigid, nothing big done to it, just a magura hydro rear brake.

    1989 Raleigh Technium Pre - Just got this one and working on a cleaning it up. Should be in good shape, and will use it as something to ride around. Will put clipless on it, but no aerobars.

    1978ish Trek TX900 - Ah, my classic. Thought about doing a complete resto on it, but decided to go single speed/fixie/retro. Stripping the frame, sealing the insides, and repainting. Would love to get the original stickers remade if possible. Rebuilding it with as many original parts as possible (love the Suntour!), Brooks B17 special saddle, looking to get a bag from Sheldon Brown, and brooks handle bar wrap. It won't get ridden much, but will be totally loved.
    2006 Trek 4300 Disc / 2004 Trek 5000 / 2004 Cannondale R600 Triple
    1991 Trek 2100 (dearly missed, looking for another) / 1990 Trek 930 (Keeping it old school)
    1989 Raleigh Technium Pre (Trainer for now)/ 1978 Trek TX900 (Rebuilding)
    1974 Campania Medalist (Wall Decoration)

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    Hello KC, we'd love to see photos of your classic Trek in C & V, especially as you rebuild it!

    Welcome to BikeForums, and don't hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions .

    East Hill
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