Hello all,

Last New Years I quit smoking cold turkey after about 15 years. Felt great and after a few failed attempts previously it wasn't all that hard considering this time I wanted to do it instead of pressure from family/girl/friend. Funny thing with quitting smoking is that you don't have to do anything really. What could be easier once you make up your mind?

So naturally I'm starting to look after myself as I turned 30 and realised I'm not twentyinvincible anymore. I began to jog and enjoyed it but wasn't getting into it that much and the impact bothered me. I have a $70 bike which is rather nice for the price. I began to ride it a bit and last week I splurged on a Giant TCR Alliance 2 which is half carbon and complete 105 kit. I'm really enjoying it and last night being the third time I went out I did a 25km ride in 1:07. Not that great by most of your standards but for me, not having ridden much, it was an achievement and I had fun as well. Keen to get back on and learn more about the sport. My goal is to knock over a metric century or two within a reasonable time and next year enter the Sydney to the Gong ride which is just a charity ride for MS here in Australia. It's 90km and the event was held a couple of Sundays ago in which 14,000 riders entered and raised AU$1.7m. Looking forward to being part of the event in 2009.