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    Greetings 2 wheelers

    I live near the Sutter Buttes in North Central California. Used to bike a lot, but other hobbies won out. Since my bypass surgery, I've been back on the bike mainly because the irritation is minimalized when riding on the left leg where they harvested the vein for the bypass material, and I missed the fun of the ride. Running just swells up the left ankle and burns like crazy. No thanks.

    Lucky me I have a perfect bypass, no permanent damage to my heart, and have even been re-certified for scuba diving!!!

    So, my gal and I dive, ride bikes, and ocean kayak for exercise and fun. We enjoy Monterey for all 3 hobbies.

    I've always wandered through the site as a guest. I have some questions so I figured it was time to join and rely on the massive amount of expertise this site has to offer.

    Anyone who has stated "no question is dumb" hasn't met me. Anyway, I thank those who built this forum and those who live here in advance. I think you're just what I was looking for.

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    Welcome to BF.
    Whats the first question?
    [SIZE=1][B]What I like about Texas[/B]

    Set F1re To The Ra1n ( NY Night Rain Ride)

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