New poster here, want to introduce myself.

In a nutshell:
I'm an adult-onset athlete, started walking back in 1999 (age 45) after I hit 240, that and smart eating helped me drop 65 of those pounds. Walking got boring, led to running, eighteen months later (1/01) I ran my first marathon, loved it, ran three more that year and of course ended up injured (plantar fasciitis). Sidelined for at least six months, I rediscovered road cycling in February 2002.

First road bike (of this era) was a Specialized Allez, entry-level AL with Sora/Tiagra components. In typical obssessive fashion, I rode 3500 miles the first year, and nearly that much in 2003. After I had that bike two months I decided this was to be a long-term thing, and started saving for my upgrade bike. Last October, got a good close-out deal on a new 2003 Litespeed Tuscany. Love it, worth every penny. Still have and ride the Allez, as well.

I did three of my first four marathons with the Team In Training program of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and wanted to do a century with them after I started cycling. Had to drive three hours every other weekend to New Orleans to train, as they did not have a cycling coach in my area. Did my first century (AMBBR) in June 2002, persuaded them to have me "certified" as a coach, which now occupies a lot of my cycling time. I train mostly beginners, or newly returning cyclists, to ride centuries and raise money for the Society.

I've done about a dozen or so centuries, including four with TNT, and am currently training a group once again to do AMBBR. Oh, and I've run another four marathons, looking forward to running Chicago later this year.

Hope to learn a lot from the other forumites, also glad to share the little that I've learned.