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    New to getting serious

    Hi everybody, I figure it's my turn to stand in front of the class and talk about myself...
    I've been riding for years, but never did anything more than riding to work or down the hills across the street, until I was moved to the bike department in the sporting goods store where I work. Now that I've been doing bike repairs for about a year, I'm really getting into it... and have realized that I have no idea just how good bikes can really be. I found when I was trying to get information on how to dislodge a particularly stubborn cassette, and found a wonderful article by Sheldon Brown. The little note at the bottom of the picture ("This lockring never gets removed") was the answer to two and a half hours' combined research and just trying to muscle the part off (with the right tools, at least...). One bench vise and three minutes later, I was practically skipping. It was kind of embarassing, actually. ^_^
    Anyways, I'm really looking forward to getting a better understanding of the biking community as a community, not just as a rider but as a mechanic.
    Thank you.
    Where's my seat, again?
    Oh, yeah- I live and work in the Cleveland, OH area, and I'm trying to build a website, so I'll link to that when it exists.
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    Hi Lester, Welcome to BF.
    Everyone needs a good bike mechanic.
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