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    Hello - I'm new here and I need help please :-)

    Hi, I'm new today to Bikeforum but not new to cycling. After much money spent on getting my bikes nice, then crashing & writing off one, then having another nicked, I've decided to start fixing them up myself.

    Hence my first post. I want to change my crankset from a 48T Stronglight to a 52T Shimano RSX. I have successfully removed the Shimano crankset from the old bike, now I want to install it on the new bike.

    My question is will I have to make and adjustments to anything else, or can I just simply change the cranks over? All I really want is the bigger ring....

    2nd question, how difficult is it to change a rear wheel? Do I need to remove the cassette from the old wheel and fit to new wheel, is this easy?

    thank you

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    and welcome. Ask your question in the mechanics forum.
    Feel the Bern.

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