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    Bike decisions,need good pearls of wisdom

    Hiya everyone. So I'm buying my first real bike (a MTB, Marin made) and am having abit of trouble between two years of the same model and would be very grateful for any experienced opinions. It's a Marin Pine Mountain (a very nice MTB from all that I've been told). So, the shop has a leftover 2000 model that's just my size and rides v. nice, is on sale for $850 (including tax).
    The 2002 comes out in mid-Feb. and is about $400. more, which is ok w/me if I'll be getting a GOOD bike with more than 2 or 3 upgrades. I know v. little abt bikes and being a (nice) girl, i think i tend to get fairly ok but "omitted" treatment in shops if there's things I don't know...i know they want to sell this 2000 bike (they have 2 of them, one of them happens to fit me). My question is:
    since I'll be using this 70% road (w/slicks) and 30% off-road, and in rainy weather, should I go with the 2002? Also- I've been toild that "V" brakes are more repairable on your own (which the 2000 has) but that (ball bearing)disk brakes (on the 2002 model) altho v. good, if broken or hurt will need shop-only treatment, much harder to fix?? Also, the 2002 has an XT-R rear derailer and the 2000 has an XT one (big deal?) The 2002 model also talks about being "threadless" in places?? There's a few other things...I don't mind the 2000, i just don't want a bike that won't last (why do they stillhave a 2000???)
    Sorry if I sound paranoid and for the heaps of questions. I am just new to this and want to make the best investment! To be sure, all my bike terminology and the little knowledge I have has been picked up from DAYS of internet searching and telephone calls to bike shops out of my state! I am a novice completely.
    Please reply to me at my personal e-mail if you like:
    This is my first post here and I am not sure quite how to navigate my way around this site yet! but I'm glad I finally found one abt bikes anyway. Thanking you lots in advance
    Cheers! Emma

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    To be honest, I don't think there would be a great deal of difference between the 2000 and 2002 models. Fit on a bike is the most important thing, so that really should tip the balance in favour of the 2000 model. I've never used disk brakes before, but I have been using V-Brakes for a few years in a variety of conditions and have always been very happy with them. They probably have the 2000 model there because they simply couldn't sell it, but that in itself doesn't really mean much.

    The above factors (plus the cost) would make me consider the 2000 model.
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