Hi, I'm Neon. My favorite color is hi-viz yellow. I ride a '79 silver 10-speed Peugeot everywhere, rain or shine. Recently I fixed up an '80s model for my brother. Thanks to the people on the Vintage forum I know that neither is a PX-10 but they're not bottom-of-the-barrel either. (Problem is, I'm starting to want to replace parts with "period" components 'cause they look nicer...) I'm getting increasingly interested in bicycle advocacy: why is cycling-for-transit invisible to so many people, including policymakers? I'm a fan of Bikes Not Bombs in Roxbury. I still want to know whether anyone has created a *good* modern shaft-drive bicycle. I have pictures of turn-of-the-century ones on my computer desktop. One of my pipe dreams: buy a couple of repro highwheelers and sell rides at summer fairs.