Hello people,
I bike all the time as one would expect from someone my age. Yet Im getting my first (not fixed gear) road bike about now. Im actually building one since I'm optimizing it for this bike tour Im planning this summer: fly to Halifax... bike to Montreal (1000km.. 13 days) stay there 5 days.. bike to Toronto(700km if going down less busy roads-another 5 days or so). My friends all say Im crazy and don't wanna go.
Bike would be something like cheap nashbar aluminum road-frame, 105 derrailleurs, downtube shifters(if anyone knows wehre to get some cheap ones.. thanx), terry liberator gel men's saddle, flatbar, cheap crank 2203, 2200 hubs, aled DA22 rims... etc etc.

Anyway, anybody in toronto, and possibly in the Toronto Bicycling Network... I was thinking of joining.. but I dont know wether there are any people my age in there.