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Thread: What's up?

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    What's up?

    Well I have been riding bikes since I was 11 months old, I have only had one bad crash in my 15 years 11 months of riding, I only broke both sides of my jaw so that was better then what it seemed at the time it happened. Shattered both sides so much that they had to rebreak it 4 times while I was at the hospital, I was in the hospital for 4 days, and had to have 3 surgery's. Had it wired shut for 3 and a half months too.

    List of stuff they put into to me from that crash:
    5 fake teeth.
    3 crowns.
    2 filings.
    1 screw.
    15 stitches in my chin from where I hit the pavement.

    Total medical bills: $56,759.34

    Spitting out 4 of your teeth, and ruining your friends carpet while screaming in agony, priceless.

    Anyways, besides that I live in Newport News, VA. I dropped out of school 2 years ago, I became homeschooled 3 months after I dropped out and I take courses online now. I am not a technology nerd but I know a lot about it. I can build basically anything you can think of from whatever is around me. I am 6.5' and still ride my Haro F1 =) everyone keeps telling me it's too small and I don't think it's even close. I make most of my money from the internet, I own a lot of websites, mostly proxies. I always spell correctly and use the best grammar and punctuation I can.

    Yeah that's about it, also I have really bad ADD/ADHD/Bipolar. Just read my post and it's obvious. I tend to ramble.

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    I was almost too nervous to reply to your thread in case I used incorrect grammar. However I'll take the chance. That must have been quite the crash to cause that kind of damage. Do you have any long term effects from the accident ... aside from the huge financial hit?

    Welcome to Bike Forums.

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