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    May 2004
    Agua Dulce, CA
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    Surly Crosscheck single/9 speed convertible, Novara Buzz beater
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    Howdy from Sothern California

    Hey everybody;

    I'm DanO, and I'm a bike-a-holic. If I'm not riding there's a good chance I'm thinking
    about bicycling - that or guitars, cameras, air pistols and Jesus, in no particular order.

    I've been riding road bikes for twenty-something years... starting in my late teens.
    I've never joined a club or taken up racing, so I'd catagorize myself as a commuter/cruiser.
    Of course there was that period in the early eighties when I was into strafing the local
    birdle trails on a beat up Schwinn Continental with the handlebars turned up hippie style.
    There was no one around to tell me I needed a mountain bike for going off road (that's if
    they were even making them back then). There were also no whinin', tree hugginers and/or
    rich equestrian snobs with enough old money and influence to have me run off for simply
    being there. I actually remember a few friendly exchanges when I'd pull off to the side to
    give right of way to the folks on horseback. But I digress.

    I'm long grown up now and the hectic life dictates that I get most of my cycling in on the
    way to or from work. I'll try and post a couple jpg's of my purpose built commuter.

    All the best. DanO

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    Jun 2002
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    Raleigh Twenty, Puch 3 speed road conversion, lookin' into a Karate Monkey for a cruiser
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    Yeah-hey! Another rider with drop bars and a gear hub. I have one right now with a 3 spd and am working on a 26" wheeled one with a Nexus 8... What is that - a crosscheck frame? I was going to mount my shifter to the end like that, but decided to use a spacegrip up front because I really wanted to use the barplug lights.. Dig the hub man! Welcome to the forums.

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