Howdy there folks. I'm getting into biking after not really getting on one for a good 10 years. I'm 27 y/o and am about 70lbs overweight. That's down from about 100lbs overweight. I've been eating better and working out, and am biking also.

My only bike is a wal-mart full suspension Mongoose bike. I got rid of the rear suspension by replacing the spring with a piece of tubing, and I have also replaced the pedals with better pedals from a parts bike. I have also modified it with smooth road tires instead of the standard knobbies. I have spare wheels from another bike that I'm going to put the knobbies on so I can switch back and forth. I also want to find a spare shock that has the spring so that I can use it when off-roading with the bike (maybe)

Anyway I do all my own work, as I have good mechanical skills, and after working on cars so much, bikes are a piece of cake

I am currently riding about 20 miles/week but that is soon to increase as I will be riding 12mi/day for commuting (hence the mods for better road manners) so that's 60mi/wk plus about 20 on the weekends for 80mi/wk. Not that much, I know, but for me it'll be a ton more than I was doing 3 months ago when I weighed 30lbs more and was not active at all.

I also have a friend who's getting in shape but he's as thin as a rail, the dude needs to gain weight LOL

Anyhow I look forward to browsing around, asking dumb questions here and there. Take care!