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    Greeting, back at it after 20 years!

    I'm 48, from Naples Florida and haven't bike seriously in 20 years. Mr. doctors told me my days as a couch potato should come to an end. So I went back to the sport of my first love, Tennis. After a pulled groin, pulled hamstring and finally a stress fracture in my foot, I came to the conclusion that I'll leave tennis to the kids. Time to go back to my second love, biking!

    I've been riding around the last few weeks on and old Huffy mountain bike a bought at Kmart for a 100 bucks five years ago. Actually its not a bad bike to ride when touring with the wife because it is so hard to pedal we stay about even (no intentional slam at women here, but my wife doesn't bike much).

    But now I need a bike that I can get serious about. I stopped by a local bike shop and the owner had a 2 year old Trek 2300 in almost perfect shape for sale at a great price. He let me road test it. Let me tell you, this ain't your father's old Raleigh Supercourse (I mean my old raleigh Supercourse!). This thing is fast and a little too tippy for my comfort level. Maybe when I get my bike legs and responses back it will be ok, but for starters I think I need something I can ride at a little slower pace and still get a workout.

    So I'm looking around. Maybe an old vintage 531 frame like I'm used to or maybe one of the new sport hybrids. Anyway. l look forward to the forum and any thoughts on a bike for someone in my situaion are welcome.

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    Welcome to BF.
    If the 2300 is a little too much for you now, why not look at a low end bike (Trek, Fuji, Specialized, Cannondale, Raleigh, Giant, etc.), say in the $500-$1000 price range? Start with a good bike and you can upgrade the components later. When you are ready for it, you can buy the bike you really want and feel comfortable with. Make sure you talk to the bike shop folks about proper bike fit.

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    I started biking at age 58, on a mtn bike. After about a year, I knew I needed something else, so got a good quality road bike (Lemond), and then my wife got a mountain bike and then a road bike, and I got another road bike, and she got a hybrid - heck, we have 6 bikes in the garage, and a seventh 3 wheeler for my son!

    Watch out !!!

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