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    Howdy from clockman

    HI. I used to be an avid road rider - but have not been riding for a number of years. I got my first bike in 1953 - a Wards Hawthorne with 24" wheels. It cost me one $25.00 war savings bond. I rode that bike until 1960, when I got a used Raleigh Rudge with S-A 3 speed hub. I rode that until it was stolen in 1963.
    In 1964, I bought a well-used Ross 3 speed and rode it until 1967, when I bought a brand new Raleigh Blue Strreak. It was stolen from the Navy base where I was stationed when it was two weeks old. I bought my current ride, a used Rixe of unknown year, for $25.00 in 1970. I rode it for a few years, and had some changes in my life and gave up riding until last Summer. My girlfriend and I were at her place in Ocean Pines, Md, and she convinced me to haul out the Rixe, and blow the dust off of it, so to speak. I have been riding short trips daily ever since. I haven't the stamina or muscle tone to do any serious riding yet, but have no doubt that will come back with time. In 1962, as a high school graduation present to myself, I rode from upstate New York to Craters of The Moon National Park, in Idaho. My average speed for the entire trip, including sleeping time, was 8 mph. I suspect that is pretty fast for touring with a three speed bike. I used to figure 20 to 25 mph average for short trips of 50 miles or less. Nowadays, I'd be lucky to keep up with one of the BBC 10-12 mph rides. LOL

    Here's a picture of my Rixe, that I took last fall, before I changed out the brake levers. Now I am using Diacompte levers instead of the original Wienmans, because the Diacomptes have upper lever extensions on the center bar. It makes it a more comfortable ride.
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    Hi clockman, you'll have to get us a better photo so we can admire the Rixe!

    It looks as if you've got it nicely set up for doing some commuting or utility riding.

    Welcome to BikeForums .

    East Hill

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