Hello all,

I've been lurking a while and finally decided to register. I just picked up my new road bike, last time I had one my motivators were guys like Hinault, LeMond, and Kelly. Then I switched to mountain biking and it was Tomac and Overend.

Well a couple of moves, and several bikes, later it just got to be too much trouble to ride. Where we used to ride great trails everyday, sometimes twice a day, I ended up without riding buddies and a half hour car ride from so-so trails. Then it occured to me (no dummies here!) all that road I was driving on to get to the trails could actually be ridden! So I'm back to the roots and loving it. I knew it'd really been a while when I read a thread asking about downtube mounted shifters and half the crowd had never ridden with them. -Here's me trying to get accustomed to STI and remembering when shifters on the downtube were what the real riders had, when I was still using stem mounts.

Anyway, glad to be here and have a resource like this to go to.