I'm a new rider that's into mountain biking. I'm always looking for new trails in the OC area, but I haven't really had the best of luck. So far I've only ridden in El Moro about 8 times, and Chino Hills once (and I'm going again tomorrow). I'm also a big noob... I only have my bike and a backpack with water that I go with, and I just got some gloves and a full face helmet for downhill rides, but I don't have any kit for dealing with issues while riding, so any suggestions on what's EXTREMELY necessary would be of help.

I'm really interested in Downhill but I'm not an expert so I might need to take it easy the first few times. I'm also interested in gradual declines that last forever, and I'm against gradual inclines (I'd rather just do it all at once).

I'm also trying to find riding buddies that are in/around my skill area, though I might need to improve a bit before I can keep up.

I'm glad I found these forums by the way, it's not abandoned like most of the bike forums, and I hope I can get to know you guys a bit better.