Don here in Minnesota. I'm new to Bike Forums, but have been riding for more than 25 years. My first serious bike was a Bridgestone T700 touring bike. Since then, I've added a Trek 5200, Bianchi Milano, and a Bianchi EV3 road rocket. I picked up an older steel Lemond road bike a few years ago and stripped it down to a single speed, added moustache bars and vintage brake levers. I'm ready to turn my ss into a fixie this spring. Also working on upgrading an old Trek road bike for my daughter to ride, and restoring a friend's Hercules three speed w/ Sturmy-Archer hub.

I work a few hours a week at one of the best bike shops in the Twin Cities. It's a great experience and has given me access to an amazing amount of knowledge, as well as an opportunity to hang out with some really awesome people. I look to get started track racing this year, and maybe try my legs at cyclocross in the autumn. I don't care about being competitive (yet), I just want to broaden my cycling horizons into new territory.

See you down the road!!