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    hi i've been building bikes for 30+ years i built my first pedal car when i was 13 and my first recumbent at 15 after raising four kids i'm just starting to get more free time to chase more project nowadays i'm exploring electric motors cvt transmission bike hubs and bike motor kits to bring a powered bike to the general public for under $400 i dont buy into more money better bike mindset but then i'm not trying to compensate for anything either i believe bikes and derivitaves are the wave of the future and with demand hopefully the price will come down and frankly if i were gonna spend two grand on a bike i'd get a rhodes car with daul disc positrac 36 speed and motor assist and have my moneys worth when i was young i owned an original bike bug motor which even with its many faults was still pretty cool but then again all bikes are cool

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    Welcome elmo. It sounds like you have a lot of fun being inventive, and don't mind sharing. Explore the other forums here, and I'm sure you'll have a great time contributing and learning.
    In search of what to search for.

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